Online visibility is more important than ever. Video can be used in many different ways. As a lead generator or as a means of increasing conversion.  The power of video lies in the combination of moving images and sound, which together can perfectly convey emotion. 


Company video


Your company is unique. That's why you don't need an ordinary corporate video, but a unique one. A video that really shows what the company is good at, what you can do and what you stand for. One that tells a story and makes heads turn. One that creates conversion and gets attention. May I help you make such a video? Click here, then we will look at the possibilities and get started together!

Creates conversion.

Fits perfectly into your online marketing strategy.

A drone video is a video with one of the most captivating images. Because we don't see images from above every day, this way of filming makes the viewer curious and immediately draws their attention. A drone video makes your viewers enthusiastic and is therefore a perfect video for promotional purposes.

Gives 'wow' factor.

Unique perspective.

Drone video


After movie

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Whatever event you want to have captured, Lenscapture provides the ultimate re-experience and an I-want-this-too feeling. This way you can use the after movie for marketing purposes, share it with others for a nice retrospective or to enjoy it yourself.

Can you look back on a fantastic day with enthusiasm? Please contact Lenscapture.

Captures the atmosphere of your event

The perfect business card for your event


To immediately draw attention to your customer, brand, product or service, you have to make an impact. And what better way to do that than with moving images? To let your unique brand identity shine, you don't need an ordinary company video, but a unique one. A video that really shows what you stand for or are good at. A video tells a story and makes heads turn. May I help you make such a video? Click here and we'll look at the possibilities!

Creates reach, conversion and leads

Drives brand awareness and turns heads


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Interior video

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Sell your home or inspire others? With a home video you show your home to potential buyers or interested parties in a unique way. With different lenses I make sure that the most beautiful close-up shots and wide images are made and I capture the entire space. Just the way you want it.

Perfect for selling your house.

Help convey your services as a real estate agent or architect. 


For you as a bridal couple, capturing your memory is very important. Moving images are the best at conveying emotion and come closest to reality. That's why Lenscapture provides. ensure that your entire day is recorded carefree and in detail. With the most beautiful beauty shots, details and drone images I make sure that your video is as unforgettable as the day itself. Do you want to be able to optimally enjoy the afterglow of a great day? Then contact us, maybe we'll see each other soon to discuss all your wishes!

Details, unique shots and a carefree day

Choice of 3 packages; same day edit possible

Wedding video

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The possibilities are endless